Inter-Rail Transport Ltd is a specialized transportation company providing transportation and logistics services across North America for over 40 years. Operating out of Western Canada, with 2 primary locations in Edmonton, AB and Barriere, BC. With over 40 power units and 200 trailers between our 2 locations, we are ready to serve you when needed.

Our business model is based on providing quality in all aspects of our transportation and logistics services. We are uncompromising in our efforts and through our knowledge, experience, and our wide range of equipment our team is capable of handling whatever challenge you may have for us.

Inter-Rail Transport currently services the following industries:

  • Railroad Maintenance & Construction
  • Energy & Pipeline
  • Construction & Infrastructure
  • Modular & Camp Services
  • Mining & Resource Recovery


Inter-Rail Transport was founded on the railroad – it’s in our name.  We pioneered the transportation of railroad equipment via flat deck in Western Canada as far back as 1980.

Over the past 40+ years, we have mastered the craft.  There are a number of characteristics unique to the railroad environment and we are familiar with them all.  Our team is educated and ticketed for all of the required environments, with each worker certified by E-Rail Safe and CN & CP rules designations for all key railroad workers and supervisors.  More than this, our workforce is mentored in the field by Western Canada’s leading experts in off-track transportation to ensure full competence and quality work every time.

Our dedicated and loyal team is responsible for the single largest railway moves to ever take place in North America, successfully moving 85 pieces of equipment over 3 provincial borders in under 3 days.  Utilizing our specialty equipment, industry knowledge and experience and a short list of experienced sub-contractors, the amount we save our clients in operator fatigue, equipment wear, and downtime is critical to the health of North American railways.


Inter-Rail Transport has safely completed some of the most complex and unique transportation projects in North America.

Successfully navigating restrictions such as height, weight, daylight and other regulatory compliance safeguards is crucial for any transportation company to be effective in this space. Knowing all of these restrictions and being pro-active is the secret to our success. We keep all of our annual and oversize load permits in place and valid for all of the main travel routes in Western Canada, including British Columbia, so your project’s valuable time is not wasted waiting for permits and other legislative red tape.

As one of Western Canada’s premier oversize movers, our team is dedicated to continued excellence and a successful delivery of your oversize commodities.


Conventional Heavy Haul is a service that requires a village. Inter-Rail Transport embraces the challenge that is Heavy Haul, and our entire team is dedicated to the perfection of this craft.

Heavy Haul is so much more than just a heavy or oversize load moving down the highway. It is the tireless efforts of an entire set of teams: a logistics team carefully planning the trip through permit applications and route studies; a maintenance team meticulously inspecting every bolt on a piece of equipment to make sure everything is in working order; a safety team ensuring all staff in their roles are capable, responsible and careful in the execution; and finally, a team of only the best operators, supervisors and additional support crews assembled to deliver this invaluable cargo to location.

At Inter-Rail Transport, we respect Heavy Haul for what it is; big, ugly, and dangerous in the wrong hands. We take the utmost pride in our team’s ability to offer heavy haul as a trusted service of Inter-Rail Transport and will gladly demonstrate to you why you should choose us over the competition.

If you are interested in discussing heavy haul as a service for your company or an upcoming project, our heavy haul team would love to hear from you.


Inter-Rail Transport owns and operates a fleet of over 200 flat deck trailers, both highboys and stepdecks.

We have the capacity to move cargo anywhere in North America, including the continental United States.  Combined with our state-of-the-art tracking software, modern fleet of equipment, and our outstanding compliance records in both Canada and the United States, you can feel confident your cargo will be transported safely and on-time.


All of our units are pro-rated throughout North America allowing our entire fleet to travel freely between Canada and the United States

We recognize that our ability to provide a unique service with an unmatched quality to our clients requires our team to be able to access a number of different locations through out North America. We are constantly asked to travel far distances to manage complicated or unique transportation and logistics projects for our clients, what sets us apart from other carriers is our dedication to work with client on achieving the goal and maintaining a reasonable cost.

We are active members of various load and brokerage boards allowing us to strategically limit the amount of empty travel. This allows the cost to be split among clients and lower the overall cost for each party in the process.

Whether it be a complicated heavy haul challenge, a unique railroad endeavour or a standard legal load, Inter-Rail Transport has the reach and capacity to transport your cargo safely regardless of jurisdiction.

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